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XChat 2.8.1 a

Двигаясь вперёд маленькими шажками, разработчики выпустили XChat 2.8.1a под Windows. Список изменений не велик, как и следовало ожидать.

В оригинале он звучит так:
* Maximized window state is now remembered when you hide/restore from the tray.
* Fixed opening URLs like "dot.com" that previously failed to be opened by Windows because they didn't start with www or http://.
* iconv.dll is no longer needed (751 KB of disk and memory saved!). This was quite a big job under the hood, please report any problems with character sets.
* Fixed a bug in the /exec plugin that could cause text printed to stdout by ActivePerl to be sent to the channel, under certain conditions.
* Fixed small bug: 100239 buffer overflow in setup dialog.

Желаете скачать? Пожалуйста, XChat 2.8.1a win ~ 1,14Мб